Skyrocket your business with facebook advertisements

Create a fortune for your brand with Facebook advertisements

For marketers in this digitalized world of Facebook advertisement. It has become an essential factor to acknowledge the true power of Facebook advertisements. A part of the Meta Business Suite, which also includes Instagram advertising. Employing the strength of Facebook advertising in your marketing strategy can bring colours of success to your marketing strategy canvas. But without knowing the right strategy, it can bring many business owners into confusion. Reaching the right audience with marvellous strategies. And knowing how to create them effectively can be a plus for expanding your brand’s recognition.

Facebook advertisement has improved a lot if we compare it to the algorithm that existed 5 or 6 years ago. As it now includes opportunities for brands to expand with a broader audience. According to the stats, Facebook has 2.93 billion monthly active users, which makes it 36.7% of the population worldwide. Meta-users account for around 70% of internet users. After YouTube, Facebook is the second most used platform. Therefore, 54.9% of Facebook users prefer to follow or research brands on Facebook. The estimated rate of purchases that Facebook users can make until the end of 2023 is 37%. This shows that by ignoring the potential of Facebook advertising, marketers may lose many opportunities for the brand to gain success.

What makes Facebook advertisement must be included in your brand’s marketing strategy

If you are a marketer interested in marketing your brand on digital platforms, Facebook advertisements can help your brand blow up drastically. However, acknowledging its benefits in depth can help you create an effective Facebook advertising campaign. This campaign can drive more progressive results.

It Can introduce your business’s potential to a larger audience

As you have already read the stats above, you are already aware that Facebook has a wide audience. Which enables marketers to use leverage to market their products or services to a larger audience. This means a chance to make your target audience aware of what you are offering. Utilizing Facebook advertisements can enhance your digital marketing strategy.

It provides the freedom to create customized ads and audiences

The Facebook advertisement algorithm now also focuses on business aspects. It now also gives freedom to markets to create highly customizable ad structures. This enables markets to understand their target audience and ways to create ads for them that convince them to come to your brand’s Facebook profile. It guides you to analyze what type of audience you can target that helps you increase brand awareness. Along with that, it also indicates what format of Facebook advertisement can perform well to execute your Facebook advertising goals.

It makes it easy for you to track your Facebook advertisement’s progress

The very first question that may come up in a marketer’s mind is, “Is it worth it for me to invest in a Facebook advertisement for my brand?. Then let us help you with that by telling you that Facebook advertisements make it easier for advertisers to track the performance of their advertisements. And analyze how much benefit your brand is getting from them. Facebook advertisement introduced a tool named “Facebook Pixel”. Which allows you to keep track of your performance. It’s also easy to use, and you don’t need any experience to use it as it was created with user-friendliness in mind.

Ways to enhance your Facebook advertisement campaign

Conveying your brand goals and educating them about your products interestingly by creating depth in your ads effectively is the main idea of Facebook advertisement. Acknowledging all formats of Facebook advertisement creation can help you more to perform it nicely.

  • Photo advertisements 

Image Facebook advertisement is an approach that helps you promote your product or service to an audience. This can be done by grabbing their attention as it is the nature of humans to gravitate more towards visuals than text. Utilizing that fact can guide you in creating eye-catching images for your Facebook advertisement.

  • Video advertisement

Giving motion to your Facebook advertisement can provide depth, which makes it easier for the audience to understand your brand. It’s also a smart way to show your creativity to gain more attention. Using your video Facebook advertisement as a reel, story, or slideshow on Facebook can be a smart move for you. Facebook encourages reels more to promote them to the audience.

  • Poll Facebook advertisement

Poll Facebook advertisement is text-based formats of ads that help your brand keep your audience engaged. It uses a sort of marketing that includes some selective questions that you can ask them in an audience poll format. Which also helps you to create brand awareness and understand your audience better. It encourages brands to develop relationships with their audience as a community.

What it takes to make your Facebook Advertisement extraordinary

Running a Facebook advertisement campaign and seeing the results as an increase in reach and leads. It takes some time; it doesn’t work overnight, but we assure you that if you keep your patience. This will definitely work in your brand’s favour. Before gaining knowledge of what the essentials are for extraordinary advertising. The first thing you have to know is what a Facebook advertisement’s structure is and how it looks.

  • Visuals can evoke emotions

High-quality, attention-grabbing visuals can make viewers stop while they are scrolling. Communicating with the audience quickly and effectively can be possible with visuals. Which include typography, images, logos, and videos. Brands can increase their audience’s engagement by visualizing their Facebook advertisement in a way that helps their audience remember them for longer.

  • Nicely synced landing pages with Facebook advertisement

Running a Facebook advertisement means that you are promising to provide your best services to them. Keeping that in mind, ensuring that your Facebook advertisement and landing pages are synced properly is a must. Add-on and landing pages use the same design factors, including font colour schemes and image structures. Users find it a continuation of your website when they visit your landing page after seeing your ad. For this reason, creating a synced Facebook advertisement and landing page with common design elements reflects that you are a trustworthy brand.

  • Relevant content with the right images and placements

Creating content that educates the audience while making them engage with a concise and clear CTA is also the pillar of creating a Facebook advertisement. This is relevant to your brand’s nature in every way. Considering web and mobile users, it’s essential to figure out the right position to add images to your Facebook advertisement. It displays nicely on every type of screen before designing images. You must carefully choose them to place in your ad is also important. Images help your Facebook advertisement be read for a longer time. So, including them in your marketing strategy can be a very wise approach for your brand.

Add Instagram advertisements to your marketing plan to take it to the next level

Since Facebook and Instagram are both part of Meta, understanding the potential of Instagram advertisements is also essential, along with the Facebook advertisement, to elevate your marketing strategy to new heights.

If you own a brand but want to spread your brand’s online presence. Instagram advertisements can be the smart thing you can add to give your business more opportunities for success. This platform allows marketers to use their creativity to the maximum for marketing their brand among 2 billion monthly active users. Instagram advertisements can help businesses grow drastically online. They help brands grow their followers by 0.98% monthly. An estimate states that 35% of Instagram users will purchase online until the end of 2023.

How Instagram advertisement can be a smart move to market your brand

Since the internet has grown and become more involved in our daily lives, it has also created opportunities for brands to market themselves and gain unmeasurable benefits, unlike traditional marketing approaches. Instagram advertisements encourage brands to show their abilities to the whole world of Instagram, which enables your brand to boost its marketing strategy with measurable performance. But if we tell you some benefits, it will be easier for you to convince yourself to include Instagram advertisements in your marketing plan.

  • Cost-effective approach

In the past, while marketing brands, marketers faced many challenges, such as the fact that it does not allow markets to measure their marketing strategy progress easily. Advertisers do not have much time to respond to changes in market conditions. It might cost them more than their marketing budget for Instagram advertisements and Facebook advertisements as well. On the other hand, makes it easier for advertisers to use their benefits cost-effectively and also allows them to manage them efficiently.

  • It’s easy to target your audience with Facebook’s statistics

Since Facebook owns Instagram, they both come under the Meta umbrella. By connecting your Instagram account to your Facebook account, you can get additional data and options to target your audience. These tools to manage your Instagram advertisement campaign, such as Facebook Ads Manager. Which can assist you in creating, running, and managing both platforms advertisements. Utilizing your audience of  Facebook advertisement insights can help you make an effective Instagram advertisement. That can potentially gain the maximum audience for your brand on Instagram.

  • Opportunity to create a strong following for your brand

Instagram is a social media platform that mainly focuses on image- or video-based content, which can introduce many opportunities for brands to promote their products more creatively. It also has the potential to create a long-lasting impact on your viewers. The primary purpose of any brand that makes a profile on Instagram is to gain maximum followers. This could turn out to be their long-term customers. Showcasing your brand professionally with a creative mind can reflect that you are an expert in your niche. It also shows that you can provide the satisfaction to your consumers that they want from you, which can help you gain the reach, followers, engagement, and sales that your brand deserves. This can be possible with your brand’s creative marketing approach and a strong following.

Why does every brand need the finest Facebook and Instagram advertising agency to reach new heights?

A businessman running his business and looking for opportunities to expand it. While working on that, you get to know that Facebook advertisements and  Instagram ads have a tremendous amount of potential to grow your business. You started utilizing the power of Facebook and Instagram advertisements. But at some point, you felt that while running your ad campaigns. You were having difficulties managing all aspects of your brand effectively simultaneously. That’s where a Facebook and Instagram advertising agency can help you with their years of expertise, which may help your brand make its way to success.

The objective of the finest Facebook and Instagram advertising agency is to make your small brand big and big brands into bigger ones.

If you are looking for an answer, can marketers create Facebook and Instagram advertisements independently? Then, the answer is a straight yes, but that’s only the first side of the coin; the second one is yet to be revealed. Facebook and Instagram advertisements make it easier for everyone to promote their brand with Facebook and Instagram advertisements.  But the main key element that could bring success to a brand is doing it efficiently and covering all technical aspects of it, which requires experience and understanding of how Facebook advertisement and Instagram advertisement works.

What is Ozac’s commitment to creating the top Facebook advertisement?

Ozac is one of the finest Facebook and Instagram advertising agencies in New Zealand. And their record shows that they’ve created many top-notch social media marketing campaigns for all sorts of businesses. No matter if they are big or small, they provide satisfying services to businesses of different niches. We are a skilled digital marketing agency crafting result-oriented Instagram and Facebook advertisements.

If we talk about generating leads, boosting brand awareness, and building a brand that can create maximum ROI and help you reach a wider audience. Providing all these to our clients with Facebook and Instagram advertisements is in our DNA.

Since every second person has a profile on at least one social media platform, a brand doesn’t have to reach out to them to create more opportunities for their brand to expand and get recognition. And this essentiality gives us motivation not to let any brand go unnoticed.

We believe that every brand that has potential has the right to get the maximum leverage of Facebook and Instagram advertisements for the brand that they deserve. For that, our team of experts does extensive research to create and explore the finest Facebook and Instagram advertising strategies. This is for all types of niche brands to make them elevate one step further towards more significant benefits.

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Some basic elements that can be effective for every type of Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign are

  1. Acknowledging your brand’s nature, audience, and needs and how to fulfill them
  2. Design your ads to be mobile-friendly.
  3. Keep in touch with your followers.
  4. Keep consistent with posting.
  5. Analyze your performance.
  6. Measure your results and keep improving them.

Since Meta owns both Instagram and Facebook, it may be easier for brands to target their audience more effectively by combining both platforms' data, which can increase your conversion rate, traffic to your website,sales, brand awareness, and ROI.